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Jottomadai website

Home of a few drawings, art, and experiments.

You can find
-Majination: An Anki MSM Companion Flashcard Resource here - Use the power of computers to simply your studying of muscles. Compiled specifically with RMT students in mind.
-Study Buddies. Free creature printouts to stay with you while you’re studying. Downloads and care guide coming soon. Contact me for any questions and/or requests. Applications are open for interested colourists.

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-my colouring pages on @
-my beautiful cuddly cat on Instagram @
-my reusable upcycled drink sleeve on Kickstarter is currently LIVE. I’d love to have your comments/concerns and input! All feedback is valuable and welcomed.

I’m also looking for artists to join in on the kickstarter! You’ll even get paid once your design is chosen by a backer, so invite anyone you think would be interested. Plus, you’ll be contributing to reducing waste on our beautiful planet, and hopefully, making someone’s day a little bit brighter. :)

Let us love one another, as we do the earth.
Let us rebuild from our mistakes.
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